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The Hideout

date. 2020

Pujada Far de San Cristòfol, Barcelona –  Spain.

The Hideout

The unique project of The Hideout (Pujada de San Crisfòfol)  located in Villanova i Geltrú on the edge of the amazing beachside of the magical Barcelona in Spain.

The residential house comes along hidden in the trees and vegetation of the beach and merges with the landscape giving a sort of natural residence with an amazing matter of mind in detail and design.

The pool acts like a mirror suspending the house as if the project itself was floating without breaking the context in which it delivers.

The house has also a great system of ventilation and natural light which destributes itself along every inch of the residence. The house is separated by three blocks, a central públic space which has the kitchen, dinning room and living room, the bedrooms and the rooftop.

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